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A business community for plant-loving entrepreneurs.

Join The Cultivator!

This incubator-like community is made for plant-loving entrepreneurs who’re ready to see their herbal businesses bloom. If you’re tired of the complicated regulatory hurdles, confused about how to grow, and curious about how to scale in alignment with your values—we’re here for you!

Why join?

Entrepreneurship can be lonely! But, not with us. In this community we will give you the foundations of the industry, so you can tackle complicated projects with more ease. We'll discuss how to work towards regulatory compliance, develop a sustainable business, share generative marketing tactics, create connections with experts, and exchange resources so that we can grow with confidence and purpose as a community.

Is this group right for me?

Are you tired of the regulatory hurdles?

Wish you had some experts to talk to?

Want to have folks to bounce ideas off of?

Confused about how to grow your biz?

Want to infuse your love for plants into your business?

Wanting to scale in alignment with your values?

Ready to shake shit up the herbal products industry?

If you answered yes to any of these, join us!

What's included?

  • Group Office Hours to answer all your burning business questions
  • Monthly talks with industry experts to grow your herbal business
  • Co-Working Sessions to connect and help keep you accountable 
  • Templates to support your marketing, sales, compliance, and more
  • Focus group sessions to ideate marketing + product development
  • Pop-up wellness hours to support busy founders to ground + expand

Community Love

"It was great to find community and education across the spectrum of herbal offerings, traditions, and reach at Emblossom. As an intentionally small slow growth maker, I didn't feel as overwhelmed or invisible as I have in other western and capitalism-focused herbal spaces."

- Kim C, Founder & Herbal Artist, Founder of Premyé

"An invaluable dream come true! The perfect place for the entrepreneurial herbalist/artist and champion of ecological & social justice. So many great people and empowering information - changed my life!"

- Alexander Friend, Founder of Niuka Tea

“It’s given me a blueprint for growth while also making me reevaluate what I can do to create a more equitable business."

- Sara Romero Cox, Founder of SRC Botanicals

“This community-building conference made all the really daunting and scary aspects of being an herbal product manufacturer/business feel doable because of the generous spirit of the organizers, presenters, and participants.”

- Erin Rosenthal, Founder of Goldenrose Gardens

About Us

After 30+ collective years in the herbal and wellness industry, we know just how challenging it can be for emerging entrepreneurs. Our goal is to create a community where information sharing can be commonplace. A place that connects us to other business owners and consultants who want to create something different. We're on a mission to help grow a new economy full of natural products made by a diverse group of plant lovers—people who will transform our world beyond the store.


How will this help my business grow?

In this community, you will be connected with like-minded business owners, get networking opportunities with experts, and be given tactical tools to scale your business. The idea is to demystify the complexities of the herbal products industry so you can confidently build your brand in alignment with your values.

What if I can’t make the live sessions?

No worries! You can pre-submit questions for a chance to be answered and watch recordings at a time that works best with your schedule.

How much time will I need to devote to my growth and the community?

We suggest setting aside at least an hour a week for your personal business growth. There will be weekly live (and recorded!) events and opportunities to chat, ask questions, and the ability to connect through the Mighty Networks platform.

I’m daydreaming about starting an herbal product business, would The Cultivator monthly membership community be good for me?

Frankly, no. We don’t want to squish your sprout. The best place for daydreamers will be our yearly Emblossom Herbal Business Conference—coming back in February 2022.

We recommend doing a local or online business development program first to get set up and fully develop your concept in the meantime. Our Cultivator Community dives into compliance, supply chain, and marketing strategies to support businesses that are in the growth phase. 

What business size or phase is this program tailored to?

This membership is designed for entrepreneurs who already have an herbal product business, including food, supplement, or cosmetic brands. If you've got BIG dreams of going regional or national, this membership is for you! It's optimized for businesses bringing in $50,000 to $1 million each year—that’s income, not profit. We’ve identified that cultivating your business at this phase can be challenging to do alone, hiring is hard, and outside support is often needed. Our aim is to connect you to industry experts, potential mentors, and community to help your business flourish.

What types of herbal products will be included as a focus?

The main business categories we’ll be covering are food, supplement, and cosmetics. We knowledge that many herbal products including smoke blends, yoni steams, CBD, etc. do not fit squarely in federal guidelines, however, we will touch on how to be more risk-informed. This probably gives you more questions than answers. No worries, we’ll cover this in the membership!

Can I share my membership?

This program is mainly for founders, so there should just be one person per membership. However, we do offer tailored workshops for multi-person companies. Please reach out to us at [email protected] to learn more.

Will my proprietary business information and ideas stay private?

Our Cultivator Community Guidelines encourage members to connect and support each other, share what feels helpful and appropriate, and all while maintaining healthy boundaries with your proprietary business information. We encourage collaboration vs. competition, always. However, capitalism can be a fever—so use discretion with unique ideas and information. We suggest sharing resources, ideas, and get feedback on more tactical pieces instead of private information and work-in-progress products.

Is this for the US-based marketplace only?

Our country is complicated enough! So at this point, yes.

What’s your team’s take on capitalism?

We’re NOT pro-capitalism, and we’re also living and engaging in a complex late-stage capitalist system. Instead, we like to say we’re striving to build a new economy. Our goal is to get more power into the hands of the people, especially herbalists and plant-lovers who can change our industry and world for the better. We do our best to learn, grow, and focus on change. We’re imperfectly striving for a world with more equitable businesses.

What do you do to make your own business more equitable and inclusive?

We’re constantly growing and evolving. Currently, we offer low-income and BIPOC scholarships for all programs, we do ongoing equity consultations with experts in the field, and we dedicate a portion of our income for reparations, and we’re always looking to feature and support an intersectional community of businesses and speakers.

Can I join or leave at any time?

Of course! You can come and go with our month-to-month pricing. Though, we would love to have you stay. Your consistency supports the health of our growing community.

Are there refunds? 

Not at this time. Our funds directly support our small team, speakers, community, and redistribution efforts. If you’re unhappy with the program, we encourage constructive feedback for us to integrate, or cancel before the next month’s billing. Get a preview of The Cultivator is with our free 2-week trial.

What’s up with your pricing?

We offer regular pricing and pay-it-forward pricing—which spreads extra love around to our scholarship members. Our regular price has no extra fluff, and goes straight to our team and paying our expert speakers. The pay-it-forward price grants you *real* good energy, as it helps us to support the growth of scholarship program which supports low-income and BIPOC herbal business owners.

Most consultants cost $150-450+ an hour. Our hope is to connect you to industry experts at a fraction of the cost, on the regular. We’re passionate about paying our speakers and small team, and we believe that support comes through in the quality of our offerings. The pricing structure will evolve as we grow.

Do you offer any scholarships?

Yes, we sure do. We offer two types—BIPOC and low-income scholarships—with intentions of expanding more as we grow. These are offered at a reduced rate of $48 a month, with all the same benefits.

To apply and be added to our waitlist, simply fill out this form. We open up spots bi-annually and capacity is in relationship to overall community size.

We’ll launch with six spots* and placement will be chosen by a combination of application submission order and by what we like to call “readiness.” We determine readiness for our community members by considering the following factors: number of years in business, current sales revenue, and time availability. 

In the spirit of abundance, we annually ask all scholarship members if they are ready to grow to the next payment tier to create opportunities for new members. 

If you have any further questions regarding scholarships, please reach out to us at [email protected] with the subject: scholarships.

*Update: As of November 1, 2021, we have three open scholarships spots.

Any further questions? 

Hit us up! You can reach our team at [email protected]. 

Peek Inside August's Schedule

Mark your calendar!
The Cultivator launches on August 1st.

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